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by The Hawaiian Avenger - Oct 15, 2013
I tell every friend I have with an iPhone to get an online brokerage account and get this app! He tells you when to buy, where to set your stops, and when to sell so you don't get left hanging. You get updates about the picks along the way. The chat room add on is the best thing to happen to any app ever! You get to see that Marko is a real person, in the room hours before the market opens and working hard all day giving rundowns on all the open positions, talking about other stocks, giving his thoughts on the market in general and just shooting the breeze with the other traders. You don't have to believe me, just download the app and look through the history and add up the money you could be making. You will see why the other traders and I love this app so much and you can make an educated decision about investing in the service or not.
by Osc err - May 29, 2015
Don't write reviews much for apps, but this one is worth checking out. Stock Trader Pro does his research and has some good pics. Good entry and exits clearly posted to understand. Thanks pro!!
The best treding app!
by MarketJack - Sep 9, 2013
I've been subscribed for about a year and already made more than $50K. My OPK position is up more than 90% and losses have always been limited to 5%. Stocktrader rocks! :)
Another great day
by Jeffnsammygirl - May 20, 2015
I am in my second year with this app. Today was a true double for me with OPK. This was Marko's pick and I rode it from S9 to 518. All picks can lose money, but Marko is smart to keep losses low and let winners run. The communication is great. You can talk to all of us every day. How do you beat that?
It's great!!
by Ggggbbbbb22 - Jul 17, 2015
If you're new to trading or don't have time to do any research yourself, then I highly recommend this app! Marko picks winners most of the time and I trust him more than any other "expert" out there. Be sure to subscribe to the chat feature too. You can ask Marko about any stock and he will give you his opinion.
A wealth of experience
by Wayneacp - Feb 9, 2015
I've subscribed to Stock Trader Pro's services for a couple of months now, and I feel that Marko's been an immense help in identifying stocks - knowing when to buy and when to sell. I'm still learning a lot but what I've learned over the last couple of months has been invaluable to me. I just kind of stumbled on this app but I can say without reservation - its an amazing resource!
Tina V
by Tina1002 - Feb 26, 2014
If you want to feel like having your own financial advisor sitting next to you for a cheap price and making you pile up your $$$ in a very short time, then this is the app you should be having. Not only you have Marko giving you advice on any of your stocks, as many as you want but you have also these wonderful, friendly and high experienced traders, who also assist you on when to buy/sell and what to buy/sell. Pyre tried many other services paying at least $300/month where I ended up losing over 50% of my capital. With this cheap app, you will make $$$ and I mean $$$s at a lightning fast. Thanks to StockTrader Pro i made 35% of my losses within 2 months. Awesome App and a great service.
by Brent!1 - Mar 12, 2014
Ok- I stumbled upon this app while searching for stock trading apps. and it is exactly what I wanted and more! Since joining two weeks ago, I can assure you that the other positive reviews are 100% true. Marko leads a group of serious traders who know how to make money, and they will help guide you throughout the trading day in the chat room. I have already reversed the damage from attempting to trade on my own. From day one, Marko welcomed me with an email and helped me get set up. Everyone in the chat room is positive and friendly, and as a new trader I have learned a lot from this group. That is why I would also highly recommend the charts add-on. Marko presents the technical analysis in a way that is very easy to understand. The push notifications are one-of-a-kind and are perfect if you work a day job and cannot be tied to the market all day. That is just one more reason THERE IS NO OTHER APP LIKE THIS
Fantastic app, Real results.
by Patrick Dunuwila - Dec 20, 2013
I am 19 years old, I've been trading for about 7 years now, I began seriously following Marko's recommendations about a year ago, when I noticed his recommendations were gaining 10%, 20%, 30% and even more. Trading can be intimidating and dangerous, without proper guidance your putting your self at risk of losing potentially everything. Marko is an extremely disciplined and intelligent trader. He cuts his losses quick but he is incredibly talented at identifying stocks that produce truly amazing returns. To get to the bottom line Marko has made my portfolio increase over 110% year to date. Without exaggerating in the year of closely following his recommendations and this service I have made over a half a million dollars managing family money as well as making some serious personal gains. Enough to pay off my hefty college tuition bill ($54,000). I urge you to put your faith and trust into this app. You will not be disappointed with the results. There is serious money to be made investing with Marko. Thank You, -Patrick Dunuwila
by الدمشقي - Sep 18, 2013
Whoever owns and operates this app is not my relative, nor do I have any relations with. I'm writing this just to thank them for what they have done for me. I consider myself a swing trader, with 12 years of experience. However, I feel something's missing with my trading techniques, such as The Wall Street tricks. I was with Harry Boxer, and Elliott Wave Traders, I make a 10% profit, and the next day I lose my profit, and I have a loss on top of it too from a different stock. This is what has been done to me. BUT, when I joined StockTraderProfessional, and their chat room, I received absolute high class service. If they charged me $1,000 or more per month, I'd be willing to pay it. Just look at their history. I QUINTUPLED my money within 4 months of working with StockTraderProfessional. I recommend this app for traders with experience, and traders without experience. Every single word I said in this review is completely honest. I wish I could give them 100 stars instead of 5. Join me guys, today before tomorrow. Come aboard the money train. Good luck to all of you. Thank you StockTraderProfessional for all your hard work, and keep it up!

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Join the community that is monitored by trader with 15 years of stock trading experiences.

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