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Great App *****
by H090321 - Sep 15, 2016

This unique app is great, especially if you want to participate in the market, but can't watch it every minute of the day. Marko walks you thru every step, and alerts you on stops to help protect your money. He is there every minute of the trading day.

Amazing app and great community *****
by walltndr - Jul 8, 2016

This is definitely an up and comer. Not only are the picks great and technically sound, but the help I have received in their chat has been invaluable to my growth as a trader.

Real Value! *****
by Lori from Wisconsin - May 25, 2016

Just what I was looking for!!! Straight forward!!! Easy!!! Affordable!!! Saves tons of time & frustration in research! The chat room isn't cluttered with questions, just real time investment advise a discussion. Feel so fortunate to have found such expert guidance. Thanks Marko (and the group in this chat room) for the direction & analysis that I can easily follow!! I would highly recommend this app!


Pictures won't tell you much.
Go and check actual app on iTunes store.

Not your average stock trading app *****
by Sawysavit - Jul 13, 2016

As other reviewers have mentioned, this is not merely an app. This is a service provided by a real person, Marko. Each day the market is open, Marko is in the chat describing the pre-market conditions (the large indices, current events and how they may influence it, etc.) and coming up with a tentative plan for the ten or so stocks he has on his radar for the subscribers.
Usually the set of stocks is a combination of a few long term picks and several short-term swing trades, lately a lot of biotech, oil, and tech companies but I have also seen retail and other industries. In addition to providing real-time stock selections, if you have the chat feature, Marko answers all of your questions about the general market, as well as about any stocks that you are considering that are not on his main watchlist. Most of the time, he gives his fair, objective opinions and will provide a chart to explain his thought process. It is like having a trader friend who sits with you all day who is willing to share all of his knowledge and experience with you. He is professional, generous with his wisdom, and kind.
The chat is also great to connect with other users who vary greatly in experience in trading. Many times, I will ask a basic question and one of the other users will guide me. The personalities of everyone emerge in the chat and though it can get a little derailed sometimes, Marko herds us back to focus. It is a great dynamic and I feel like I‘ve learned all the personalities and made some friends, even though I've never met the other users in real life. No question is a stupid question, and if you have this app you can absorb a wealth of information just by the collective experience of Marko and the rest of the members. So, take the plunge and start with the free first week. But, only do it if you are ready to be hooked onto this invaluable service and start to make some real money.



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